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Choosing between vinyl and pressure treated fencing is like asking yourself, “what do I value more? Time? Or Money?” Your initial investment is certainly higher with vinyl fencing but, with little to no maintenance, and assuming your fence is properly installed, you could very well pay less over the years

Whatever you choose, start at J&H. Our experienced Project Staff will help you design your fence to give you a complete materials list and quote that includes everything you need (no need to make several trips for this & that!). Delivery? No problem! We offer convenient curbside delivery. No time to build it? No interest in building it? We do that too. J&H Home Renovators will have you safe & secure behind your fence in no time.

Vinyl Fencing

Everyone knows vinyl fencing costs more, right? Nope, not necessarily. When you factor in the cost over time, the low maintenance nature of PVC vinyl may actually save you money AND time.

The first thing you need to know about vinyl fencing is that it is not all made equal. You may have heard of vinyl fence nightmares, like heaving & fading. Vinyl fencing that is not installed properly or when a lower quality vinyl is selected you can definitely have problems down the road. That’s why, at J&H we carry Oasis Premium Vinyl PVC Fencing. As a product locally sourced right here in Saskatoon, Oasis fencing is made for the elements we face in Saskatchewan. Wind, heaving, hail, UV-damage: our climate asks a lot from our fencing. Oasis uses galvanized steel posts and heavy-duty aluminum rail inserts to endure durability & dependability. Unique to Oasis, QwikCollars and QwikTies ensure a straight, level, & strong fence. And the thicker, premium vinyl contains UV-inhibitors to protect against fading over time. To withstand heaving caused by our extreme freeze-thaw cycle, Oasis developed a superior, pipe-driven installation method. If you’re investing in vinyl fencing, choose Oasis Premium Vinyl, supplied and installed by J&H. Classic Privacy Vinyl Fencing now available in 3 solid colours, white, adobe, & grey, and 3 wood grain colours: Cinnamon Walnut, Stone Oak, & Caramel Ash.

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Vinyl Fencing

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Treated Fencing

The warmth and natural beauty of wood truly looks great in any outdoor space, as a border to traditional formal gardens, or a backdrop to a private seating area, or just to keep the kids in the yard.

Consider small upgrades which not only make your fence more attractive, but also make your fence stronger and last longer. When designing a fence, we recommend using a 3rd rail. With just a top and bottom rail, boards bend and warp more easily, meaning costly repairs in a short time. For the cost of a 3rd board you can ensure a longer lasting fence. Fence boards are typically 1” thick, but if you use 5/4” boards your fence will look more substantial and, again, the boards are going to stay straight and true for many more years of privacy and security (and this upgrade doesn’t always cost more either!)

To maintain the colour and surface of Treated Wood, a high-quality water-repellent sealant or stain should be applied to the wood after construction, as soon as the wood is dry to the touch. See here for products specially formulated to enhance and preserve the beauty of your treated fence.

Our brown treated fencing adds a warm backdrop to your yard that effortlessly blends in with its surrounding. The rich brown tone slowly weathers to warm honey brown and then to natural silver grey. The preservative used meets CSA standards and can be used above ground, in ground contact, and in fresh water.  

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Treated Fences

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The gate is a part of your fence that should not be over-looked. It affects your curb-appeal and makes your yard more inviting to guests, but more secure from the uninvited kind. With lots of choice out there, gates have also become a way to personalize your outdoor space (and for that, we love them!). We stock a selection of iron gates as well as easy-to-build gate kits.

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can be both functional and beautiful. We stock a wide range of specialty hinges, latches, fence inserts, post caps, fence inserts, and even door knockers to dress up your fence and gate. 

for fence renovation ideas and promotions on fencing and install services. Visit our 22,000 sq.ft. Renovation Show Room & Design Center for a full line of products for your fence project.

No Pressure!

Are you concerned that you’ll start talking with our designers and installation team only to find out a new deck is more than you budgeted for? Listen, you might need more time to budget for a full renovation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning in the meantime. The professionals in our Install Department are trained to be able to give you options. It all starts with a conversation.