Our People

Our greatest asset is our people

The friendly voice who answers your calls (yes, a real live human!). The invaluable advice from our team of experts at the Project Desk. The cashiers who remember you and ask how your project is coming along. The design and installation team who have this uncanny ability to turn that idea inside your head into a new space built just for you.

The people behind-the-scenes who work hard every day to get you those great products at great prices, who build our flyers, who keep our shelves stocked, organized, and beautiful, who pay our bills and trouble-shoot paper jams and keep our store working like clock-work. The drivers who really do care that your products arrive on time and in good order. The dedicated help of our Contractor Department, whose standard of service is to exceed expectations.

The craftsman who are not just skilled tradespeople, but also care deeply about quality control and customer service. The team who loads your lumber with a smile and always with a thank you while you stay warm in your vehicle. 

These are our people

This is Our Family


Project Coordinator, Install Sales

What do WWII, taxidermy, great hair, and expertly executed home renovations have in common? Lauren! As the person who connects a seemingly infinite number of moving dots behind-the-scenes of a renovation, it’s no wonder she is comfortable juggling so many diverse interests. If we’ve renovated your home in the past 10 months (first of all, THANK YOU), chances are good that this woman made sure things ran smoothly. Blessed with a rare level of organizational skill, Lauren is both lively and efficient, and never dull. She loves seeing projects through from beginning to end and is the perfect person to keep everyone on-task and informed. When Lauren isn’t at J&H or behind the chair styling hair (she’s a Journeyman Stylist too!), you might find her horse-back riding, fishing, hiking, and doing what she does best - being a mom.



Just your typical young woman, with an enthusiasm for natural resources, international affairs, and the economy(!). A part-time cashier at J&H, Lovely spends most of her time learning about Mining Energy as a full-time student at SK Polytechnic. Now, you would think that J&H would be her well-earned break from education but, in fact, the opportunity to learn about building materials is one of her favourite things about J&H (that, and the friendly atmosphere, of course!). Indeed, Lovely is an avid learner and even helped her dad design a building, using AutoCAD. Seeing something she helped design, built in the real-world, is one of her most proud accomplishments. But here's what I really admire about Lovely: she has mastered the rare art of attentive listening, which naturally makes her an effective problem-solver (hello, amazing customer service!) but, more importantly, it makes her a great person to know.


Rainbird Sprinkler Designer

Jordan has been our busy Rainbird Designer for two summers now and in that time she has graduated highschool, been accepted into BioMedical Science at UofS, and single-handedly created a program to deliver donations from your door to the Foodbank (not to mention designing the sprinkler systems for 100s of local yards!) - and all during a global pandemic. Not bad, right? Her love of helping people & talent for problem solving has made her an incredible Rainbird designer. In her spare time (what spare time?!), Jordan enjoys crocheting and dreaming of having a pet duck (yup, a duck!). Smart, kind, optimistic, funny, and driven: we are lucky to have Jordan on our team!


Yard Staff/ Warehouse

You can see it in his friendly eyes: this guy loves people and enjoys making them laugh. In fact, Jet says the people are his favourite part about J&H, with their diverse backgrounds and experiences. After 3 years at J&H, Jet has proven himself to be a valuable member of the team time and time again. From picking and checking orders, helping customers, making deliveries, and helping in receiving, he shows up wherever he is needed. Jet got an early start as a team player, when he played Football, taking on Quarterback and then Defensive Line when he was called on. Now Jet prefers to watch the game and loves to talk NFL (Go Broncos!). When he’s not making you laugh, watching a game, or helping out at J&H , you might find Jet relaxing at home, playing video games.


Project Desk

It’s no wonder that Jo’s favourite part about J&H is how everyone is always willing to help each other out; it’s exactly this that makes her fit in so well here. As one of the newer members of our Project Desk, Jo is quick to offer our customers help, and you might also find her lending a hand to our merchandiser or cashiers or wherever else she sees something that needs to be done. You might think this flexibility is our favourite part about Jo, but it’s that she does all of this with an amazing, positive attitude. Having a hard day? Go see Jo and ask her if you are a great human (spolier alert: she’ll say yes!). Jo loves working in the home improvement industry because there’s always more to learn and no two days are alike (and I agree!). We can’t wait to get to know Jo more so we can hear her play her guitar and sing us some tunes!



Need proof that fairytales are real? Meet Deanna. From magically sourcing the impossible as our Purchaser of special order products, to befriending the forest creatures while on family camping trips; Deanna can even play her own fairytale soundtrack on the violin! The veritable Snow White of our diverse group, Deanna is universally liked and respected (by both humans and chipmunks alike!). After 15 years at J&H, we are still learning the depth of Deanna’s many talents, as she isn’t one to boast. When she’s not here, you might find her out in the garden, bird watching, camping, fishing, reading, crocheting, quilting, woodworking, practicing her violin, or maybe even trying out something completely new. Disney Princess? Nah, she’s so much more.



Every home we build and every large renovation we complete starts right here, with Amy. A true Renaissance woman, Amy’s creativity and technical skills give us a pretty enviable leg-up on the competition. Amy loves drawing up floor plans and compares it to putting together a puzzle. But you won’t catch her playing with puzzles on the weekends; when Amy is at home she’s busy chasing her kids around, taking them sledding or camping, or taking in one of Saskatoon’s many attractions, like the Forestry Farm. I love Amy’s fearless nature - with stories of harrowing adventures into Saskatchewan’s North and playing some Bluegrass at Telemiracle - it’s clear she isn’t afraid to try new things. She knits, she crochets, she paints in watercolour, she bakes sourdough... but her crowning achievement? All the delicious baking she treats us to!



“Good afternoon, thank you for calling J&H.” In a time of automation and recordings, isn’t it refreshing to hear a real live human on the other end of the line? Penny is that friendly human who answers your call, but she is so much more than that to J&H. When there’s a job that needs to get done you can always count on Penny. Always the 1st to offer help, we value her organization and efficiency as much as her friendly voice! When Penny isn’t here, you’ll probably catch her watching her favourite teams, the Riders or Blue Jays!


Project Desk

If you’re working on a project and need help along the way, Jason is an incredible resource & is always approachable. A successful DIY’er himself, there aren’t many projects he hasn’t tackled & he is always happy to share his knowledge. Not sure what products best suit your project? Ask Jason. Not sure what tools you need? Ask Jason. He’s worked with our housing department, in sales, and you might even see him helping out cleaning the store, merchandising, or at the check-out counter.


Install Administrator, Photographer

As a talented nature photographer, on weekends you might find Wendy exploring Saskatchewan gravel roads, searching for her next great shot. So, it just made sense when our full time Install Department Administrator became our part time Resident Photographer. When Wendy isn’t on a photoshoot of our show homes, you’ll find her ordering windows & doors, following up with customers, and generally maintaining order for our busy Window & Door / Installation Department.


Renovation Consultant

Renovation Consultant? No, a more apt title should be ‘The Dream Maker’. Do you have a sketch of some idea of a renovation you’ve only seen in dreams? Making that idea a reality is exactly what Sheldon does at J&H. He crawls inside your head until he has a plan & you have a renovation that is customized for you (we promise, it’s not as creepy as it sounds). Sheldon loves traveling with his family & working on projects with his sons. We can only imagine what he dreams up with them!



If J&H was a wheel, then Garret would be the hub. On paper he organizes our fleet of busy delivery trucks & manages in-coming deliveries, but his title could just as easily be ‘Problem Solver’. Garret is an integral reason all of our departments run smoothly and we are lucky to have him. A master of all that comes and goes during the day, and a master of music at night, you may know Garret from his other gig, as a local DJ.



Planning a renovation or new home should be fun & Brooklynn eases the stress of all those decisions that must be made. Her natural ability to tap into and embrace your individual style and put together a plan is an asset to our renovation team. We think it’s so important, we offer this service at no charge!


Yard Supervisor

If there is a Forklift Olympics, Mike would be sporting a lot of gold around his neck. After 16 years at J&H, he knows every detail of all of our many warehouses. King of organization, Mike keeps us in order and on schedule. If you can slow him down for a minute, he might even teach you a little history, as this Keanu look-a-like (seriously, it’s uncanny!) is a veritable goldmine of information.


Store Owner / Purchaser

Grandson of our Founder, Harold Neufeld, Mick grew up at J&H like so many family members before him. With humble beginnings picking nails, Mick now sources & purchases products for J&H to ensure we are always offering our customers what you want, for a great price. As a 3rd generation owner, Mick helps to lead us with the same ideals that were so important to his grandfather.


Marketing Director

This is me. The person behind this website you’re browsing. It’s time to step away from the shadows and tell you a little about myself. It all started back in 1974, in a quiet BC town called, Fort St. John. What? Am I starting too far back? OK, let’s cut to the brass tacks. LIKES: great reviews, shopping local, bugs, gardening, writing staff profiles and “before & after” reno pics. DISLIKES: negativity & ticks. SUPER POWER: seeing the good in people. LIFE GOAL: to open a bug zoo. WORK LIFE: marketing for a company you love is the easiest job there is (but don’t tell my boss).



Some Merchandisers are good. Jenna is on another level. Her ability to organize and solve puzzles to make J&H look great is a pleasure to watch. Jenna puts in 100% no matter what she’s doing, and she’s doing a lot: merchandising, working with her church, and volunteering with Hope Restored Canada. When I grow up I want to be just like Jenna.



Having a bad day? We have the cure. Come to J&H for the great prices and customer service; stay for Fortunato’s beaming smile & friendly greetings. As part of our warehouse team, Fortunato loves to put a smile on customers’ faces. Always polite & courteous, he makes J&H (and the world) a better place through laughter & genuine kindness. Outside J&H, Fortunato enjoys spending time with his family, working on the house and helping his kids with school work. We’re lucky to have this family man in the J&H family!

Having a bad day? We have the cure. Come to J&H for the great prices and customer service; stay for Fortunato’s beaming smile & friendly greetings. As part of our warehouse team, Fortunato loves to put a smile on customers’ faces. Always polite & courteous, he makes J&H (and the world) a better place through laughter & genuine kindness. Outside J&H, Fortunato enjoys spending time with his family, working on the house and helping his kids with school work. We’re lucky to have this family man in the J&H family!