Our Price Promise

High quality, affordable home improvement

You may have heard us talk about our “PRICE PROMISE.” But what does it mean to you? Our Price Promise means that we have your budget in mind throughout all parts of our business.

When you purchase your project from J&H, we “PROJECT PRICE” it – this means, above and beyond any sales or promotions we may have on, we review our final price to make sure you get our best price every time.

Are we a local company? Absolutely! We take pride in being a Saskatoon-based family business. And, as a local company, we want to ensure our friends and neighbours get the great prices that go along with “BUYING POWER”. As part of a national buying group, we have access to all the best products, just like the big box chain stores.

MARKET MONITORING” Beyond all of these cost-saving measures, we continually monitor our local market to ensure our prices are competitive.

What does our “Price Promise” mean to you? It means