Bathtub Showers

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The Best Bathroom Solution for Active Families

When your household includes kids (and fur kids), the flexibility of a Bathtub/Shower Combo becomes a family necessity. Complete with integrated tub surround, your bathroom is protected by a splash zone, making bath time lots of fun for little ones, rubber duckies, and you. Combining the tub and shower in one is the best way to maximize the functionality of your bathroom without needing a lot of space. The practical advantages are clear, with the extra water protection and often moulded shelves for storage, but manufacturers are making these bathtubs more and more attractive too. Use one-piece models for new builds, and look for multi-piece tub/showers for ease of installation in a bathroom renovation. You’ll find lots of choices from brands like MAAX, Kohler, Hytec, and Sterling on-line and in the J&H bathroom show room. Compliment your new tub with more bathroom products from J&H, like a new faucet, bathroom accessories, or bathtub door.


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