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Doors vs Curtains for the Bathtub Shower Combo

Combination Tub/Showers are a common solution for the family bathroom, but how do you stop the splashing? Shower curtains are certainly cheaper in the short term, but they require frequent replacement and are difficult to clean, whereas investing in a bathtub door is a better long-term solution. Tub Doors give you better protection from water damage, make the room look cleaner (and even larger), and are easier to maintain. If you are starting a bathroom renovation we recommend considering a tub door now, but if it’s not in the budget it can certainly be upgraded later on. Find bathtub doors from MAAX, as well as other products for your bathtub like freestanding and alcove bathtubs, tub/showers, tub walls, tub aprons, bathroom faucets, and accessories on-line or at our home improvement showroom.   

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