Bathroom Vanities

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Calm the Clutter with New Bathroom Vanities & Cabinets

You’re staring at an empty roll with no spare TP in reach, your toothbrush sits on the sink open to the “elements,” and your latest Rx is on display for all to see. Houston, we have a storage problem. No matter how picture-perfect your facilities are, without sufficient storage, the clutter is all you’ll see. A new vanity keeps everything tucked away and looks great doing it. As (usually) the only piece of furniture in the room, the vanity is the focal point of the whole bathroom. It just makes sense to spend a little extra time to find the vanity that works best for you. Visit the J&H showroom to find the perfect in-stock Vanity for your bathroom from quality brands like Luxo Marbre and Dolphin

Don’t see a vanity that suits your taste or fits your space? Just Ask J&H about special order prefab vanities. Or, if a more unique style or size is preferred, consider custom bathroom cabinets and countertops designed by our in-house designer. Our free custom design service ensures your space is measured properly, your custom bathroom cabinets and countertops are designed for beauty and functionality, and everything is built to last. Browse more bathroom products, backsplash, and flooring to match your new vanity on-line or visit the J&H showroom.



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