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Update Bathroom Sink Taps for a Quick Refresh

Sometimes it’s the seemingly small bathroom updates that make the biggest impact. Even in a complete bathroom renovation, it’s often the bathroom faucets that shine. Whether you’re replacing a leaky faucet out of necessity or just feel like a change, there are a few things to consider while you shop:

  1.  Be aware of how many hole openings are in your sink. You may need a single-hole faucet, a 4” center-set faucet for a standard 3-hole set-up, or a widespread faucet for wider 3-hole set-ups. Increasingly popular, are wall-mount faucets. 
  2. Do you prefer the functionality and look of 1-handle or 2-handle faucets?
  3. If you would like your lavatory faucet to match your tub faucet and/or shower faucet, be sure you like the entire style family.
  4. Designers are mixing metals right now so if you want to dip into the gold finish trend, don’t be afraid to keep those matte black, brushed nickel, or polished chrome bath accessories
  5. Low-flow faucets are becoming the standard so you can expect to conserve water and save money with a new WaterSense faucet, which are at least 20% more efficient.  

Shop trusted and affordable faucet brands, like Taymor, Moen, Pfister, Kohler, Delta, and Peerless on-line or in our bathroom showroom where you will find bathroom products for your whole bathroom renovation. 

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