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Provides fast, easy, one-step installation of Xeri-Bug™ emitters and PC Modules directly into 1⁄2″ or 3⁄4″ drip tubing, XF Dripline or Landscape Dripline.

Product Features

  • Cuts emitter installation time
  • All-in-one tool inserts emitters - removes emitters + inserts 1⁄4" barbed fittings + installs goof plugs
  • Step 1: Place the Xeri-Bug Emitter on end of tool. Press barbed point into side wall of ½" Tubing. (Note: The Emitter Tool also works with ¼" Barbed Couplings and with ¼" Barbed Tees.)
  • Step 2: Pull tool away leaving the Xeri-Bug Emitter embedded in tubing.
  • Step 3: Push ¼" tubing onto the Xeri-Bug Emitter.
  • Step 4: To remove Xeri-Bug Emitters use side of tool.
  • Step 5: ¼" Tubing Plugs can be used to seal holes in ½" tubing. Use bottom of Emitter Tool to insert these plugs.
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