Rainbird Riser Connection Kit

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Convenient kit converts underground sprinklers and 1/2” risers in landscaped areas to water-saving Drip irrigation. Easily installed in minutes, this kit waters flower beds, shrubs, and more with pinpoint efficiency. All-in-one unit provides 30 PSI pressure regulation, and 200-mesh filter screen for optimal Drip system performance. Saving up to 65% over sprinkler watering, Drip systems apply water directly to the root zone for healthier, faster-growing plants, longer lasting blooms, and greener leaves. Since you won’t be watering the surrounding soil, you’ll also have fewer weeds to pull. In most instances, owners of Rain Bird 1800 Series pop-up sprinklers (#1 installed sprinkler head by professional installers) will make the conversion without digging.

Product Features

  • Converts underground sprinklers and 1/2” risers to water-saving Drip irrigation
  • All-in-one unit includes filter / 30 psi regulator /and universal Easy Fit Tee 1/2" tubing connection
  • Converts a Rain Bird 1800 Series sprinkler to a low-pressure Drip system without any digging
  • Connects to any 1/2" male thread irrigation riser fitting or underground pop-up sprinkler
  • Works with all brands of 5/8” / 1/2” / or .700” Drip tubing
  • Constructed of highly durable UV and chemical-resistant materials to assure long life
  • Replace an underground irrigation spray head or mount on any riser
  • Sized for easy conversion of an 1800 pop-up spray head
  • Also connects to other standard 1/2" irrigation fittings
  • All-in-one unit includes filter / 30psi regulator / and swivel tee
  • Includes a 200-mesh filter and 30psi pressure regulator
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