Rainbird Easy Fit Coupling

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Complete system of compression fittings and adapters for all tubing connection needs in a low-volume system. Saves time and effort: 50% less force is required to connect tubing and fittings versus competitive compression fittings. Adapters swivel for easy installation. Provides increased flexibility: Just three Easy Fit Fittings and five Easy Fit Adapters are needed to make over 160 combinations of connections, accommodating countless installation and maintenance situations.

Product Features

  • Easy Fit Compression Fitting System - Coupling (1-pack)
  • Faster and easier to install—requires up to 50% less force to install tubing making your installation project faster and easier
  • Great for maintenance and retrofitting existing systems
  • Works with any manufacturer's 1/2" drip tubing up to 0.700" OD
  • Easy Fit Adapters are not barbed fittings; they are to be used only with Easy Fit Compression Fittings
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