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Superior Self-Levelling Mortar. PROFIX self-levelling mortars are composed of polymer-reinforced hydraulic cement. They are used for the patching and levelling of indoor floors. When mixed with water, these products become fluid, and level off almost effortlessly, leaving a smooth and durable surface for the installation of your floor covering. It is important to note that this type of product does not have the same bonding strength as a mortar designed for tile installation. Therefore, in most cases, a primer must be applied on the substrate before the self-leveller. For best results, we recommend working non-stop when using these products.

Product Features

  • Initial set: 2 to 4 hours (depending on temperature)
  • Can level up to 1’’ thick per application.
  • 22.7 kg (50 lbs) covers 25 sq.ft. at a thickness of 1/4’’
  • Fast-setting polymer-reinforced very high-quality leveller.
  • Easy to prepare.
  • Recommended for covering heating cables.
  • Does not require the application of a primer if the installation is done on new exterior-grade plywood or on new 30-day-old concrete that has not been modified by curing compounds or other contaminants.
  • All concrete over 30 days old must be primed with PX PRIMER.
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