Natures Best Mulch – Red Cedar Mulch 5.5 Cubic/yard Bales

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Welcome to a Gardener’s worst-kept secret. Using mulch in your garden not only makes your perennials, trees and shrubs happy, it makes for less work for you! Mulch deters weeds and conserves moisture. At 3-4″ thick, it regulates soil temperature, keeping your soil cooler in summer and warmer in winter. As a natural product, cedar mulch will slowly decompose, adding nutrients to your soil. The icing on the cake? Our premium red cedar mulch is one of the most aromatic and durable mulches on the market.

Product Features

  • Shredded fiber mulch helps wind resistance
  • Mulch deters weeds and conserves mositure
  • Slowly decomposes and adds nutrients to your soil
  • Our super compressed bales contain 5.5 cubic yards of loose product (Bales are compacted at 2:1 compression onto a convenient 4 ft x 4½ ft pallet.)
  • Weight ranges from 1300 lbs to 1500 lbs (depending on moisture)
  • Palletized bales keep your site cleaner and provide for convenient and easy material handling and delivery
  • We can load the bale in your truck or the bale can be delivered by us to your driveway
  • Each bale covers 500-600 sq.ft. at 3-4" thick
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