Ii-205 Handifoam 384 Class 1 Spray Foam (1.75)

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HandiFoam® E84 low pressure spray polyurethane foam is a two-component system designed to fill and insulate large voids and surfaces. HandiFoam® E84’s excellent adhesion properties create a continuous air barrier which completes the building envelope, resulting in improved indoor air quality and lower heating and cooling costs. When properly applied, HandiFoam® E84 reduces energy consumption, leading many homes or buildings to be certified in their respective energy designation.

Product Features

  • R-value - Initial: 6.5 at 1" thick; Aged: 6.1 at 1" thick / 19.80 at 3” thickness / 12.0 at 2" thick
  • Density - Free Rise: 2.0 lbs/ft3; In Place: 2.3 lbs/ft3
  • Tack-free time: 45-75 seconds
  • Cuttable in 5 minutes
  • Size: II-205
  • Disposable dispenser
  • Yield: 171 bdft
  • Used for commercial and residential applications
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