Alpine 2x2x5/8 Ceiling Tile #1004 (16/ctn)

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Durable, simple to install and easy to clean, these panels offer exceptional light reflectance and sound control qualities. Alpine™ Acoustical Ceiling Panels are durable, medium-textured panels ideal for use in department stores, boutiques, traditional offices, classrooms and administrative offices. These panels are made to meet and exceed the standards of most project managers on several levels. Alpine™ Acoustical Ceiling Panels comes in sizes and formulations that meet most design criteria; making them suitable for most general applications. Additionally, an available face score panel creates the illusion of a smaller-scaled ceiling system without compromising accessibility.

Product Features

  • Random naturally sculptured appearance offers upscale look without upscale cost
  • Sizes and performance meet most design criteria
  • Fire Rating Class A
  • Thickness: 5/8"
  • Panel Size: 2'x2'
  • Sound Absorption (NRC): 0.50
  • Sound Attenuation (CAC): 35
  • Light Reflectance: 0.86
  • Edge: Shadowline tapered
  • Humidity/Mold/Milde/Sag resistant
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