Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation Q&A with Brooklynn, J&H Head Designer

We met with J&H’s own Kitchen Designer & Interior Decorator to find out more about her design process for renovations & to get the inside scoop on what’s new in bathrooms & kitchens.

What do you want to know when you first start the design process with a new client?
“The first question I tend to ask is what made you want to start a renovation? I ask if it was something they saw on a TV show; was it at your neighbour’s house? Did you find something you liked or disliked in a magazine? I try to envision what they have envisioned; I would never want to design a space where it didn’t resemble the customer’s preferred taste.”

Do you have some tips for updating a space on a budget, without committing to a major renovation?
“One easy update you can make in your space is the flooring. You can purchase inexpensive flooring that will liven up the place. Whether its 80’s carpet that has endless stains and smells, or linoleum with flower patterns, changing the floor will make a dramatic difference to your home. Laminate flooring is a popular hardy choice for any room; it comes in many different patterns that resemble hardwood or tile. It is stylish, simple to maintain and is easy to install yourself. An easy DIY.”

Are there any products you recommend that can easily increase the function of your space?
“Motion sensor lights are all the rage for walk-in closets and pantries. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Can be wireless or wired in. Let there be light!”

Where should you splurge when you’re renovating your kitchen?
“Splurge on countertops! Quartz and Granite are the way to go. The advantages are endless. Quartz and Granite are easy to clean, scratch resistant, and heat resistant. There are many beautiful patterns and edge profiles you can choose with countertops; it truly would be a lasting investment.”

What design trend do you like right now?
“I really am in love with wood floating shelves in the kitchen. You can get them in many different colours and styles. They create a fun space for you to display your Great Aunt’s cake stand, your favourite cook books, or you can create a trendy looking coffee bar right at home. You can easily show off your favourite items, leaving your guests with the WOW factor, and making them want floating shelves as well!”

What trends do you see hitting Saskatoon in the next while?
“A new trend I see on the horizon is, brace yourself, GOLD! From cabinet hardware, to spunky light fixtures to gold kitchen faucets, it’s making a strong comeback, and personally I love it! Copper is also making a name for itself. Copper sinks are the newest and latest – pair that with copper cabinet hardware, and you’ve got yourself a trendy home. It’s not for everyone but those with a little adventurous side will trade out their Brushed Nickel pulls for the warm-coloured metals.”

Storage is almost always a concern for homeowners. What are some storage solutions you recommend?
“Practicality in storage is a must. You can easily clear out your drawers in your Kitchen and find more practical places to house items. For example, remove the Tinfoil/Saran-Wrap/Wax Paper out of drawer, and utilize your cabinet door instead. Having a door-mounted shelf on in the inside of your cabinet door will easily hold your Tin Foil/ Saran-Wrap/Wax Paper for easy access. Another storage idea is a baking tray pull out. This is such a great idea if you’re an avid baker wanting easy access to bakeware.

For Bathrooms with limited counter space utilize the drawer storage. Upgrade your drawer to a pull-out vanity grooming organizer, complete with stainless steel bins for storing hot curling/flat irons and blow dryers.”

Do you have your own questions about kitchen or bathroom renos? Call the J&H Kitchen Department, for their Free Professional Custom Design Service, 306-652-5322.

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