Urban Rail Straight Pickets For 6′



Narrow Pickets 5/8″ (15/pkg) for 69″L and 42″H Urban Rail, 6′ oc, to be use with 6′ Top & Bottom Rail (URTB6, sold separately).

Product Features

  • 5/8" Urban rail pickets
  • Lock-in picket system allows pickets to be quickly installed in railing without the use of fasteners and still meet building code requirements to ensure a safe and durable railing
  • Constructed of 100% high strength aluminum to meet or exceed national building codes.
  • Standard railings are 42" in height
  • Pickets are 36-5/8" in height and with the top and bottom rail it becomes 42" (to meet building code)
  • INCLUDES: 32 aluminum 4" spacers
  • Premium UV powder coat finish allows for maximum durability in all types of climates and will not rust / fade / chip / or crack.
  • For Residential Commercial and Multi-Family applications
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