Regal Wide Pickets



These wide Pickets are 1-1/2″ and cover a 3′ Length of a 42″ High Railing Section. Patented Lock-in Picket System allows our pickets to be quickly installed without the use of bottom rail supports and fasteners. Proven too install in half the time of other railing system.

Product Features

  • Wide pickets 1-1/2"
  • 6 pack (covers a 3' section)
  • Lock-in picket system allows pickets to be quickly installed in railing without the use of fasteners and still meet building code requirements to ensure a safe and durable railing
  • Constructed of 100% high strength aluminum to meet or exceed national building codes
  • Premium UV powder coat finish allows for maximum durability in all types of climates and will not rust/ fade / chip or crack
  • Pickets are 36-5/8" in height and with the top and bottom rail it becomes 42" (to meet building code)
  • Standard railings are 42" in height
  • INCLUDES: 14 aluminum 4" spacers
  • For Residential / Commercial / and Multi-Family applications
  • Required bottom rail support (SRSL) for stair railing section longer than 4'
  • Powder-coated aluminum
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