Profix Imper With Membrane – Waterproofing & Anti Fracture

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Waterproof and Anti-Fracture membrane. The IMPER waterproofing system has two functions: waterproofing the surface, and offering resistance to cracking. The latex provides waterproofing properties and the fabric provides the elasticity to isolate cracks up to 1/8’’. Stress in a structure can cause cracks in floors and at wall junctions. The use of IMPER will prevent a potential water infiltration problem. Waterproofing and anti-fracture systems are extremely important when installing a ceramic shower, as water infiltration can cause great damage to property, and generate very expensive repair costs. The selected waterproofing system must be equipped with anti-fracture properties in order to compensate for the extra stress put on walls, which can eventually create structure movement. A 1/64’’ crack is sufficient for water to seep into the walls or floors of your home. The IMPER system is designed to give you peace of mind against possible cracks, because it is both waterproof and fracture-resistant.

Product Features

  • 4" covers 40sq.ft.
  • Drying time: 4 hours
  • Shear strength: 216 psi
  • Simple 3-step system.
  • The textile membrane serves as a guide since its thickness corresponds to the thickness needed to achieve fracture resistance.
  • Simply apply with a brush and cut the membrane as needed.
  • The use of fabric and latex offers anti-fracture properties up to 1/8’’.
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI A 118.10
  • ANSI 118.12.
  • *We always recommend installing the fabric and latex on the base of the shower / at the bottom of the shower walls (more or less 8’’ high) / at wall junctions / and on the shower curb. The latex can then be used without the membrane on the remaining shower surface.
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